Woundcare Solutions offers a comprehensive approach to wound care.

Improve your future

Our innovative company Woundcare Solutions is part of Ortho-Medico, which has been a known provider of orthopaedic devices and specific treatments in the Benelux since 1987.
Woundcare Solutions aims to offer the best product to each patient every day. Our team of medical and technical specialists will always find new and more powerful solutions for improved and simplified wound care. That is our way to guarantee our mission to you: to keep the future of your patients dynamic and active.

Drie pijlers, triple aim

We contribute to a healthier world. How? With our triple aim: a focus on better health, better care and lower costs for patients.
We achieve our first aim - better welfare - by keeping patients as dynamic as possible. Our care enhances physical and mental fitness. Items such as our boots and support stockings keep patients active.
We ensure our second aim - better patient care - thanks to the quality of our products. Our bandages are made of soft fabric in various colours and sizes to offer patients more comfort.
Our third and final aim - the control of patient costs - is achieved first by providing standardised protocols, second by focusing on optimised aftercare to minimize recurrence, and third by giving a lot of attention to prevention. Prevention is better than cure.
With these three pillars, we work with doctors and care workers all over the world to strive for a healthier future.

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